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Best morning routine

MORNING TIME = ME TIME I believe that morning is the most important time of the day. "A new day, a new beginning." Morning sets the pace for the rest of your day. It’s essential to have a positive mindset, determination, and drive to balance the energy. All the successful people who made it big in the world have one thing in common. They all had a particular morning routine, almost to the point of being OCD. They got up earlier than anyone else in their household, and they got right into personal development work. There are four main areas that we should focus in the morning: our body, mind, relationships, and work. Number 1 #Health Health is the most crucial aspect of our daily life if you are healthy, you can do more things in life and live longer. The first aspect of health is fuelling your body with proper nutrients. Having lots of water and a green drink before you put anything else into your body is a great way to hydrate and shovel mass nutrients. Other activities you can do is stretch your body, which will help you with the mobility, go out to have a walk-in nature, inhale fresh oxygen-rich air, or follow a HIIT interval session. Number 2 #Self-love People usually look for happiness from external sources. However, it is essential to be connected with your self, and meditation is a fantastic tool for that. To calm your nervous system to self reflect and distract our mind from stress, anxiety, and other things. Meditation takes you in a more stress-free state where you can think clearly and reflect your thoughts. Another vital aspect is self-reflection. It is very easy for our minds to get attracted to negative energy. Most of the time, people Are not aware of their thoughts, and the constant cycle of negative thinking can take us into a state of depression.  Journalling is a great tool to reflect all the thoughts and feelings that we are having. For instance, you can analyze your day and the activities you did a day before and think about all the positive things or situations that came in that day. If any thought is bothering you, you can counterbalance them with something positive when we develop such a thinking process; it makes us feel more grateful. Number 3 #Loved ones If you are single, married, or [...]

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